Disability Awareness

Adaptive Sports-Disability Awareness

By Claire Murphy

Some of us have physical or mental limitations; which makes local awareness of adaptive sports a wonderful thing!

What are adaptive sports? They are competitive sports which parallel existing sports played by able-bodied athletes. Some participants may need modifications to their equipment and the game rules to meet their athletic needs. Wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby, hand cycling and skiing are just a few examples of adaptive sports. As of 2016, Paralympics included 22 sports & 526 medal events.

Milton and Alpharetta offer many of these programs. North Metro Miracle League runs the adaptive softball program for North Park and Hobgood Park. http://www.nmml.net.

Visit the Focus GA web site for excellent resources:
The Milton Disability Awareness Committee, often referred to as MDAC, promotes inclusion of persons of all abilities in every aspect of community life through education, advocacy and informed public policy. Among other accomplishments, the committee has taken the lead in developing and distributing a training packet for merchants and training City of Milton employees. MDAC meets at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month at Milton City Hall (13000 Deerfield Parkway).

The meetings are open to the public and they encourage anyone interested in learning more to attend a monthly meeting or email info@cityofmiltonga.us for information on MDAC.



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