Milton’s New City Hall

The new site is located at the intersection of Branyan Trail & Lecoma Trace in downtown Crabapple.

Set to open in April 2017, the city set aside funds several years ago in preparation of one day building a new city hall, said Mayor Joe Lockwood. An objective to ensure city funds will no longer be used to lease property taxpayers do not own was an important criteria and an important step to ensuring the most value for resident dollars. “We’re excited to not only be giving the residents of the City of Milton a beautiful, welcoming and functional City Hall complex – we’re doing it without adding to their tax bills,” said Mayor Joe Lockwood

“With smart budgeting and judicious use of our yearly fund balance, we’ll be able to bring these projects to fruition without the additional burden of more revenue from property taxes.” said Lockwood.

The City Hall complex, which is located between Crabapple Road and the existing Braeburn development is slated to include offices, council chambers, meeting areas for residents and a town green for expansion of special events in Crabapple.

City Architect Bob Buscemi provided the following information to Alpha/Milton Magazine:
The new City Hall is 32,000 square feet, including a community center building. The Community Center includes public bathrooms, a community meeting room, and a public plaza.

The exterior architecture integrates historic Milton elements; and the interior architecture was designed to foster collaboration between staff and city departments.
Energy efficiency along with many sustainable design practices were incorporated in most every aspect of the project.

The public areas of the building were designed to allow the community to interact with the various city departments within the building . Additionally, these public areas strive to maintain an open feeling, with lots of natural light.

Milton City Hall
Located at the intersection of Branyan Trail & Lecoma Trace, in downtown Crabapple/Milton.
Stop by and say hello in April!


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