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Milton Mini Horse Named Equine Ambassador to CHOA!

Meet Raisin. Raisin is a miniature horse. A miniature horse is just like a regular horse, only a very cute, tiny, scaled down version.

Miniature horses were first bred in England to pull coal carts up from the mines because of their strength and tiny stature. These days they are more of a novelty, used as show horses, pets, and now more commonly as therapy animals. It takes a very special mini horse to become a therapy animal, and Raisin is just such a creature.

Raisin, who makes her home at Raisin’s Ranch Pony Parties in Milton/Alpharetta, has just been named as the official Equine Ambassador to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA). She gets bathed, groomed, dressed and loaded on the trailer for her regular visits to CHOA at Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta. Patients there get to brush her, pet her, and put flowers in her mane and tail. They even dress her up in a tutu and take her for a walk if they are able. “Raisin is always well-groomed and well-behaved. She interacts perfectly with our patients and families”, said Katherine Crowe, director of patient activities at CHOA’s The Zone. “The smiles and laughter that Raisin brings to patients here is unforgettable. Many of our patients ride horses or have spent time on farms, so having Raisin visit brings a little piece of home to the hospital. Others have never met a horse, but with Raisin’s calm demeanor, they can interact with horses in a safe environment.” Patients are allowed to pet Raisin as much or as little as they like. They can brush & dress Raisin, or just sit and observe. Interaction with Raisin helps many forget about any upcoming procedures. Most are quite surprised to see a horse walk through the door!

Raisin has been wonderfully trained and loved by Susan Vojnovic and her daughter, Ava. Thirteen-year-old Ava saved money when she was just 7 years old, to help rescue Raisin and give her a good home. Mom and daughter really enjoy sharing Raisin with others. Raisin keeps busy doing children’s therapy, visiting schools, entertaining at parties and spreading her magic and joy. You can meet Raisin & more miniature animals at Raisin’s Ranch Pony Parties at 17955 Birmingham Hwy. in Milton/Alpharetta. raisinsranch.com


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