Health & Wellness

Yoga With Goats!

Atlantis Dream Farm is just that – a DREAM Farm! What started out as a home for Cathi’s beloved Bronx has become a joyful oasis for her family and herself. The farm has quickly grown from one amazing thoroughbred (Bronx) to 3 miniature horses, 5 adorable goats, 2 sweet bunnies, 2 lovely cats, 1 handsome pup and lots of funny chickens.

Cathi quickly learned that Atlantis Dream Farm was not only her oasis of happiness but a place that friends would come to every week to feel peaceful and happy. She knew that she wanted to share this with others and wanted to incorporate her health coaching and love of nature into something that others could enjoy and benefit from.

So in January of 2017 she began dreaming and doing. Her husband, Van, came up with the name and after creating her brand, building her website, building her team of GOGA instructors and getting the farm GOGA ready, she held her first class on April 10th.

While goat yoga is growing in popularity across the country, GOGA is the only one in the Milton/Alpharetta area and it has quickly become the place for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

Spending an hour in the beautiful peace and calm of Atlantis Dream Farm while connecting your mind/body/spirit with yoga and enjoying the fun and happiness of baby goats is something that this area was missing. Once you experience a GOGA session, you’ll be hooked! However, if you are more serious about your yoga practice and wont appreciate distractions during your session, this may not be for you. The goats love to join in and “help” you with your moves.

Whether you are a first timer or have been practicing for years, you will walk away from your GOGA session relaxed, refreshed and happy. The certified yoga instructors will take you through an hour of zen-ful yoga to ensure you are relaxed and refreshed and the Goat Girls will ensure you are happy.

Along with the weekly GOGA sessions, Atlanta Dream Farm also holds special events for birthdays, book clubs, Girls Night Out and many others.


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