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Publisher’s Letter

Publisher’s Letter
Spring 2018

Hi there!

Something funny happened on the way to finishing up this issue – a couple of themes emerged we weren’t expecting or planning. It is apparent to me we have very generous neighbors who give massive amounts of their time and resources to a number of local charities. Every time we turned around we were writing about another nonprofit doing great things in our community.

The most popular types of charity organizations in Milton are those that strive to impact LLQ-AM.issuu6the lives of people with mental or physical disabilities, and those that take care of animals. In this issue, we introduce – or re-introduce you – to NINE of them. And that wasn’t on purpose. That is just where all of the stories led us.

Street parties and festivals get into full-swing on April 14 with the Big South Craft Beer Competition and Festival. Participating breweries may submit up to three beers to be judged on an established criteria and winners will be announced at the event. This and the Milton Summer Opener Beer & Wine festival are benefiting Children’s Charities, which is raising funds to build an all-inclusive playpark in Milton for children with abilities and disabilities.

Also in mid April, our Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings will need to be blocked off so we can attend Food Truck Alley and the Farmers Market each week. May doesn’t just bring us graduations, it also pulls our focus to the Arts. Both Milton and Cambridge High Schools will be presenting their Spring productions in early May; and the much anticipated Alpharetta Arts Streetfest takes place over Memorial Weekend, May 26-28.

I’ve only touched on a little bit here – you’ll have to keep reading to get the rest. We love and live locally. We encourage you to, too. #lovelocal

Gulick_3I3A1433_RTCH_4x6 (1)Warm Regards,



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