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Young at Heart

ACC916-2-Edit-2By Debra Boice

NOW THAT I’M A SENIOR member of this planet, I’ve learned through experience that it’s important to let go of any old ideas, people, places and things that do not serve me at the moment. At various times in my life I have realized all the old programming needs to be rebooted, so I can start fresh again.

I must continue to change. In 1969, Joe Namath wrote a book titled I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow … ‘Cause I Get Better-Looking Every Day. Change is an inside job for me. If I feel good about my life on the inside then a light is reflected to the outside in my physical demeanor, so I too can get better looking every day!LLQ-AM.issuu29

For me, opportunities for growth come in the form of new experiences which give me new tools I can use to stay in the game of life. I learned many years ago it’s not what happens to me – good, sad or seemingly bad – it is what I do with it. I must carve new paths of adventure to re-program my “neuro-net” and filter all that happens for good. Then I can be totally open to new, exciting and infinite possibilities.

With this renewed mindset, last Fall I attended my first practice as part of the Alpharetta Community Chorus. ( I sat on the top row in between a lot of tall people – LOL. We were instructed to sing the first song using ‘solfège’. I thought, “What is that?” The word solfège was about as foreign to me as when I was first learning the financial terminology on the rate sheet in the beginning of my 33-year mortgage industry career. It all looked like hieroglyphics to me.

A longtime member of ACC asked me at the break, “Well, what do you think?” I explained I didn’t think this was for me because there was too much structure and required too much of a commitment. But on the inside, I was thinking, “OMG. I am way out of my league and completely out of my comfort zone. LOL.” And so at the end of the two hour practice, I told Robin Yackley, the Co-Artistic Director, that I was not sure if I would continue and gave her back the music packet I had received.

The next morning I woke up thinking, “Debra, you can do this. It will change your life.” I went to Robin’s home, graciously re-received my music packet and officially signed-up for the ACC. I attended each practice, and with time I felt more comfortable.

On October 15th 2017, as we walked into the sanctuary of Alpharetta Presbyterian Church, I looked out at the sea of people in the audience and felt good. Our first song was Rain Dance. I played the S.A. Rainstick, and then 45 voices began to sing. The last song we sang was Bon Se Aba in Zambian. The Autrey Mill Middle School Chorus of 50 students sang with us. The audience exploded with applause. I thought to myself, “We did it!”

Currently, we are practicing Schubert’s Mass in G in Latin, as well as various other choral selections for our May 6th concert. I hope to see you there! At age 71, this began one more adventure chapter in my ‘Young at ’ story. DB


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