Generational, Senior Citizens

Young At Heart

By Debra Boice

Happy mature couple riding a scooter in the city on a sunny day
My limits are only in my mind. 

As I was drawing while watching the black and white movie made in 1938 Lost Horizon, I was fascinated by the story.  It is about a plane crash in the Himalayas.  The passengers survive and make their way in a blizzard walking blindly.. And are somehow  led to an opening in the side of the mountain and walk thru a passage and see Shangrila, as they will hear it called.     

They see a world of warmth, lush gardens; and smell the sweet and senses- stimulating fragrances that amaze them…  Almost having to blink at their good fortune at 20,000 feet having come in from a barren frozen land.  They are greeted by a group and what appears to be the leader of this magical race of beings.  One man in the party of survivors in particular is told ‘we have been waiting for you’. He is led to an open garden room with beautiful light streaming thru the softly blowing white cotton mesh curtains.  He is introduced to the 800 year old High Llama!  Stunned by the statement, mouth open, he says ‘how is that possible?’  the answer is  Age is a limit we impose each birthday – Builds a fence around your mind. 

The end of the story is fascinating.   I wanted to segue in with  this because I truly believe… “My limits are only in my mind no matter what my age”… so I will continue to ‘not build a fence around my mind’ as I turn 72 this year.

downloadI decided to ask 7 people who qualify for the Senior status 😊  What keeps you Young at Heart?   You will find their answers fascinating, I believe.  I do.

Carol Lehan  “I like to spend time outdoors on a nice day.  I realize the importance of a sense of humor and making time to play.”

David Anderson – “When I look at the night sky I don’t feel any older than when I was 9 or 19.  I can still see Orion’s Belt or the Big Dipper the same as 50 years ago.”

Marilyn Bergdoll, Recreational Leader – “My love for Jesus and my desire to help others keep me young.  Many come to Park Place in their later years for companionship or have other needs met.  I’m glad to help.”

Dr. Jim Killeen, Jr. –“My secret to staying young is really no secret.  Cherish each new day and, live it as if it could be your last…laugh often… love abundantly…practice gratitude and praise GOD often”.

Nat E. Lewis – “Well, mine is nothing romantic.  I get immense joy out of my profession and my communicating with my clients”.

Claudia Lewis – “I get immense joy out of capturing Ferrell cats and attending to their needs.”

Bonnie Short – “Riding my Harley & beach bike; playing with my 4 dogs at the park.  Being outdoors and snowflakes excite me; making snow angels, and dancing to my hippie era music at home.”

Thank you for all of your heart felt thoughts of What keeps you Young At Heart.

What keeps YOU young at heart? Let us know in the comments below!

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Debra writes for LLP about generational topics from first-hand experiences. She likes to design circular gardens that are safe for honey bees, kids and pets. She loves all creatures great and small.


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