Thank you for your interest
in writing for one of our magazines. We have two types of submissions:
Columns – No more than 400 words, columns are written by someone in the community who wishes to educate our readers on an area of expertise. Includes writer’s byline and headshot. We do not pay writers for these pieces. And we are picky about which of these will be included.
Word Count:
1/4 page column: 150 words
1/2 page column: 275 words
Full page column: 400 words
These columns cannot be promotional in nature- (Buy an ad to promote your business). Rather, these are informational, instructional, inspirational and locally focused on a specific topic. We have occasional or regular columnists in a variety of topics (golf, pets, music, art, health, tennis, interior design, advice, real estate, finance).
Features – We assign feature articles to freelance writers and also accept submissions from local writers. We run three to four local feature articles per issue on a variety of topics. The feature articles should be hyper-locally focused on Alpha-Milton, only.
Guidelines/Compensation: Writers must adhere to the following or we won’t run the piece:
  • submit in word doc, non-formatted, pre-edited
  • adhere to approved word count
  • submit high resolution images only
Submit as an attachment to an email to: danielle@locallifepublishing.com
Freelance Writers
275 words ($35)
400 words ($50)
600 words ($75) – assigned; we do not accept blind submissions more than 450 words
750 words ($100) – assigned; we do not accept blind submissions more than 450 words